Ways to Help Reduce Distracted Driving

August 14, 2020

Distracted driving is a serious problem for people of all ages. Older people can be especially prone to it when using new technologies that they may not be entirely comfortable with. It is a good idea to turn off your cell phone while driving so that you are not tempted to answer it. In addition, you may want to practice using the GPS as a passenger, to get comfortable with the display and the commands, before using it as a guide while driving. You should always have a relationship with one of the most experienced Seattle car crash lawyers if you are a driver and there is a possibility of an accident at some time or the other.

Driving Distracted

Any kind of carelessness, a slight blink, or a few seconds of not paying proper attention to the road while driving are enough to trigger a collision. According to official data, four out of every five traffic accidents are caused by some type of distraction. When you get into an accident while distracted, you should always consider the consultation of one of the best Seattle car accident lawyers.

The Classification

Distractions are classified into three types:

  1. Visual: Distract yourself with objects, inside or outside our vehicle. This leads you to not being able to react in time if a mishap happens. Check your phone, change the radio, see the route map, or even get distracted by objects or people passing by on the street or sidewalk.
  2. Manual: Have other objects in your hands beside the steering wheel, which could include your cell phone, magazines, applying makeup, or even food. These objects will prevent you from using your reflexes and can get in the way of maneuvers that can save your life.
  3. Cognitive: Losing concentration on what you are doing. Sometimes worries, fatigue, or talking with another passenger can distract you and make you not pay attention to your surroundings and not be able to avoid objects that get in your way.

Avoid Distractions

Here are some tips that can help you avoid distractions while driving and always stay safe in your vehicle as any Seattle distracted driving accident attorney will tell you:

Turn off your cell phone: It is perhaps one of the biggest distractions while behind the wheel. At least while you are traveling, turn off all communication through your mobile phone device for a few moments. If answering a call is unavoidable, it is preferable to find a safe place to park the vehicle and, once stopped, initiate a communication.

Avoid arguing with other passengers: Many times, you may make the mistake of getting upset in a conversation while driving. Although losing your temper is part of the human temperament, it is preferable to engage in certain conversations in another space and not inside the vehicle. An altered temperament, a distracted and angry gaze directed elsewhere than the road, are precise combinations to initiate traffic accidents.

Do not get distracted by manipulating the accessories of your vehicle: If you travel alone and like to listen to music during the journey (preferably at a low or moderate sound level) try to turn on the radio and locate the radio station of your choice before starting the journey. If you are accompanied, leave all those tasks to your co-pilot or passenger.

Appearance is not so important: If you left home in a hurry to work, and you did not have time to adjust your tie or use the appropriate makeup, it is preferable to leave all those details for when you arrive at your destination and have parked the vehicle. Appearance can be important, but never so important that you put your own life at risk.

Do not eat, smoke or drink: To avoid traffic accidents, it is preferable to take only one action at a time. Eating a sandwich or drinking a soda are temptations that can wait a little longer, they will be better enjoyed when you have arrived safely at your destination.

Do not leave your pets loose inside your vehicle: It is preferable that you protect your pets in a suitable cage for such trips since they can become nervous about any incident and distract your attention from the road.

Take Recommendations Seriously

Take these suggestions seriously into account and put them into practice to avoid traffic accidents. If you experience an auto accident, it is still best to contact a good Seattle car accident attorney or one of the car accident lawyers Seattle offers and that you have been referred to.

How Can A Lawyer Help

By driving distracted, you reduce your ability to react against another driver who invades your space or is traveling at a high speed. You could also find a careless pedestrian that makes you stop suddenly or deviate and collide with an object on the sidewalk. Regardless of the reason for your accident, being prepared for any situation and reacting quickly is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family. If you find yourself in an auto accident for any of these reasons, you should see an attorney who can help you make the process of overcoming a legal claim easier. Your next move is to consult with a Seattle distracted driving attorney like Albert Law PLLC to discuss your case, provide evidence and other documentation, and seek guidance in how to proceed with your legal claim and your insurance claim.