School Bullying, Assaults, and Negligence

Education Attorneys in Seattle, WA

bags in the schoolSchool Districts have a duty to educate students in a safe environment. Greg Albert has represented dozens of Washington children and families alleging their schools and school districts failed to do just that. All too often, schools and school districts turn a blind eye to bullying, assaults, and sexual assaults. And they commit negligence when they fail to do what they have a legal duty to do. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes the school’s own teachers and other faculty are the perpetrators. And school districts have an incentive to hide their negligence from parents. Albert Law has represented children whose school districts were caught hiding documents, deleting videos, and neglecting to tell parents their children were victimized by sexual assaults for months. Whether you are inside or outside Seattle, give the Washington education lawyers at Albert Law a call to make sure your child gets the safe education he or she deserves.