Consumer Protection

Consumer protection attorneys in Seattle Washington

man and woman walking As a consumer, you have the right to be protected against fraud, scams, excessive usury, and other business malpractice. The state of Washington has laid out statutes designed to protect consumer rights. If you have been the victim of deceptive trade practices, identity theft, overly high interest rates, telemarketing fraud, or any other kind of abuse, then you should hire an attorney and hold the entity responsible to account. Seattle Washington consumer protection attorneys have the experience and expertise necessary to represent you.

The Laws That Protect You

Here are some of the laws that aim to protect Washington citizens against scams and abuse:

1. Deceptive trade practice laws

These laws prohibit practices such as false advertising, tampering with a car’s odometer, and other crimes.

2. Interest rate laws

These laws regulate interest rate and usury. They establish the legal maximum interest a creditor can charge.

3. Identity theft

It is unlawful to use another person’s identifying data. Washington’s identify theft law offers remedies to consumers whose identity has been stolen.

4. Telemarking fraud law

This law regulates the hours that telemarketers can call and informs citizens on how they can get on the Do Not Call List.

If you have worked with a vendor that violated any of these laws, then you can pursue legal action against them.

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