Car and Truck Accidents

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car crash on streetBeing injured in a car or truck accident can disrupt the lives of the victims significantly and often permanently. Long-term injuries can prevent a victim from returning to work or even worse when catastrophic injuries occur. This is common with truck accidents, as no other vehicle on the highway is a physical match for a big rig. Fatalities are common with both types of collisions, and being properly compensated financially after the fact can be a long and frustrating process. That is why it is vital to have experienced representation from a legal professional like Albert Law Seattle car accident lawyers negotiating your case.

Negligence and Fault

All auto accident cases in Washington state are centered on fault. Luckily for residents, Washington uses pure comparative negligence law that allows anyone who is not totally at fault for a collision to be compensated financially with their claim being discounted by the assigned comparative negligence percentage. Even someone 90% at fault can collect 10% of their total damages. This still does not stop insurance companies from contesting the claim because even one percentage point can save them money, which is the adjuster’s primary goal in assessing an accident claim. This is an area of representation where your attorney works most diligently in negotiating a settlement.

General Damages

Recovery for specific items such as medical bills and lost income can be submitted in actual dollars, but general non-economic damages is where most victims are actually made whole. Insurance companies want to avoid this at all costs, and claimants with no attorney commonly get short-changed in this process. Your injury law firm in Seattle WA will focus on maximum general damages for all clients regardless of contribution to causing the accident. This is a very serious claim issue for all drivers because they are assessed for personal fault, unlike passengers, and your representative from Albert Law Seattle car accident lawyers gives you a professional negotiator who knows what to expect from respondent insurance companies.

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