Civil Litigation

Seattle Civil Litigation Attorney

man and woman in a meetingCivil litigation is unlike criminal cases that are often filled with drama, especially the cases on television. In fact, civil litigation isn’t dramatic at all. Civil litigation is usually necessary when two or more parties have a legal disagreement they are unable to resolve. Many civil cases involve money and sometimes there is a trial that enables a judge to make a decision about the case.

There are many types of legal disputes that would be classified as civil litigation. Some of the most common legal matters in this category include intellectual property disputes, personal injury cases, employment disputes, medical malpractice cases and issues related to divorce. Given the many laws surrounding civil litigation, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable attorney that can navigate the situation with your best interest in mind. Albert Law, civil litigation attorneys in Seattle WA can help to ensure your interests are protected.

What’s Involved in Civil Litigation

In many civil litigation cases, one party is endeavoring to obtain a response from another party and has sought help from the courts to achieve that goal. There are several steps involved. Although every situation is unique, in most instances an attorney can help build your case. They can also help to ensure you understand the process and what to expect during each phase. After contacting an attorney, it’s likely that each party will file pleadings. These are court documents that detail each side of the case and why the dispute exists. These documents are served to each party to sure a clear understanding of the complaint.

Another step in the process of civil litigation is discovery. This involves legal research, review of documents and witness interviews, among other activities necessary to obtain the facts. There is a pretrial that offers an opportunity to resolve the case. If that doesn’t happen, the case goes to trial. It’s also possible to settle out of court. Albert Law, civil litigation attorneys in Seattle WA can help with each phase of the process and provide the guidance you need.