Examples of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

December 13, 2021
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Age discrimination in Washington, unfortunately, is commonplace. Even Fortune 500 companies are sued because of age discrimination sometimes.

What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination in the workplace is a form of harassment. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlines specific examples of workplace age discrimination such as:

  • Age-based comments or jokes that are unwanted.
  • The use of offensive cartoons, drawings, or symbols based on age.
  • Gestures or verbal and physical conduct based on someone’s age.
  • Assigning work based on age.
  • Penalizing a worker or bypassing them for a promotion due to age.

Someone’s age doesn’t give them carte blanche to make comments about older individuals, either. For example, someone who is 45 can’t make jokes about senior benefits for someone who is 65. Seattle age discrimination attorneys may be able to help you finesse the subtleties of discriminatory acts.

How Does Age Discrimination Really Look?

Sometimes, age discrimination is overt. Other times it is insidiously covert, with comments made just when superiors aren’t listening to co-workers, or by contractors who feel they are above the law. Everyone who works together, however, is subject to laws governing age discrimination. That includes co-workers, bosses, trainers, temporary workers, or anyone else who works within your same physical workspace, or in the same virtual workspace. 

Can I be Penalized if I Report Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

It is illegal for your employer or co-workers to take retaliatory action against you for reporting age discrimination. 

It is also illegal for someone to be discriminated against due to their age, sex, cultural heritage, color, religion, gender, or nationality. There are laws in every state in place to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

If you believe you may have been subject to age discrimination at work, reach out to Albert Law PLLC, we’re your Seattle WA Employment Attorneys. When you’re not sure if you’ve been harassed due to your age at work, Seattle discrimination lawyers can help.