Can My Child’s School Disclose Their Education Records?

March 12, 2021
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The Seattle Washington Education Attorneys at Albert Law PLLC can help if you feel there has been an infringement of your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is a federal law that protects the privacy of student academic records. Student academic records are confidential and official documents that are protected by the nation’s staunchest privacy protection laws of FERPA or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

In the state of WA, schools must have written permission from the eligible student, parent, or guardian to release any information in a student’s academic record. In accredited schools, parents have the right to access their child’s educational record.

But all schools can withhold an academic record if the information could cause severe harm to the mental or physical well-being of the pupil or someone else. If you feel this right has been violated under FERPA, contact the Seattle Washington Education Lawyers at Albert Law PLLC for the help and guidance you need.

FERPA allows schools to disclose information without consent to school officials with a legitimate educational interest.

A review group consisting of Curriculum & Instruction, Department of Technology Services, Coordinated School Health, Legal, School, and Community developed a program to safeguard this exemption in which CBOs or community-based organizations can apply for the IS or institutional service exemption based on certain criteria:

  • This program or services are for students enrolled in Seattle Public Schools and provided on school grounds
  • Program or service is academic and falls within the scope of the District’s K-12 academic curriculum
  • Program or services comparable to a program or services provided by the District or is a program or service that the District would provide if resources were available
  • Program or services are offered directly to and for students
  • Program or services are delivered consistently for specific students, not drop-ins.

The parents or guardian of a student who is or has been enrolled at a school has the right to review all students’ education records. If you require help, contact the Education Attorneys in Seattle at Albert Law PLLC because a school by law cannot release the education records of a student without the student’s parent or guardian’s written consent, except as authorized under RCW 28A.600.475 and the FERPA or Family Educational And Privacy Rights Act of 1974.

The board of directors in each school district can establish a procedure for:

  • Granting the request by a student’s parent or guardian to access the academic records of his or her child.
  • Prohibiting the release of information about the student without the student’s parent or guardian’s written consent, but first, the parents or guardian needs to be informed as to:
    • What information is required
    • Who is requesting the data
    • Why is the information needed
    • What is to be done with the information
  • The procedure adopted by the school district must comply with the Family Educational And Privacy Rights Act of 1974, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g.

What Steps to Take If Your Rights Have Been Violated

What can Washington Education Attorneys do for you if you feel that your civil or constitutional rights have been violated somehow? Then contact the Education Lawyers in Seattle, Albert Law PLLC, as soon as possible. Washington Education Lawyers can provide a legal opinion on whether the incident rises to the level of misconduct that warrants legal intervention.

The Seattle Washington Education lawyers from Albert Law, PLLC, are experienced in identifying if there has been a violation regarding education law and then find a solution for our wronged clients.

Contact us at Albert Law PLLC to discuss your case with us and learn more about how we can help to resolve the issue.