What Not to do After a Car Accident

October 15, 2021
Making  a phone. Call after. Car accident

Whenever you have been involved in an automobile accident there are a lot of feelings swirling around. You feel anxious, afraid, confused and uncertain about what the future holds. Your adrenaline is racing, and you are in a state of shock. We know the basics about what to do after a car accident; but do we know what NOT to do after a car accident? 

The most imperative thing to remember about what not to do after a car accident that is admit fault. Never go on record as accepting blame for the incident before you have contacted a Seattle car accidents law firm.  

The next thing to not do is leave the scene of the accident! Take photos, exchange information with the other drivers and seek witness statements. Gather as much imperative information as you can find. This way when you meet with the Seattle car accidents attorney they have what is needed to help your case. 

Leaving the scene of a car accident is a whole new charge. You can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident which is a serious offense. If you leave the scene of the accident your accident attorney may not be able to help you. 

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