What Bullying and Harassment look and sound like in the online classroom.

April 09, 2021
online bullying

School Districts must provide a safe environment while educating students. The firm of Albert Law PLLC has represented dozens of Washington children and their families, alleging their schools and districts failed to do that.

Too often, schools and school districts turn a blind eye to assaults, bullying, and sexual assaults. And they commit negligence when failing to do what they have a legal obligation to do. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes the school’s teachers or other faculty members are the perpetrators. That is when the legal help of Seattle School Harassment Attorneys is required.

Unfortunately, school districts have an incentive to keep this negligence hidden from parents. Albert Law PLLC has represented children in school districts caught hiding documents, deleting videos, and neglecting to tell parents their children had been victims of sexual assault for months. Education attorneys in Seattle, WA, are needed to provide the legal help and guidance to end this criminal activity.

Characteristics of Cyberbullying

In the last year or so, school districts around the country have initiated at-home learning. But that does not mean that bullying has come to an end. Those that are inclined to inflict this on others will use electronic communication to do their bullying.

Cyberbullying is sending messages of a threatening or intimidating nature to someone via electronic communication. And like all other forms of bullying, it causes emotional, psychological, and physical distress and harm. While every person’s response to bullying is different, research has shown some tendencies are the same across the board. There is a greater risk of anxiety and depression among students or adults that have been victims of bullying.

What Can You Do When Your Child Is Bullied Online

It is a common problem with no clear solution, but parents and kids can do things to fight back. The first step is to contact a firm of Seattle school bullying attorneys to begin the fight for you, then do the following:

Do Not Ignore Cyberbullying

Based on statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council, cyberbullying affects almost all American teens. Cyberbullying can come in many forms, but most commonly:

  • Someone pretending to be someone else
  • Telling untrue stories or spreading rumors about another person
  • Sending vulgar, mean, or threatening messages or images to someone
  • Posting a picture of someone without their consent

Cyberbullying is more invasive than the traditional form of bullying.  A young person can leave the schoolyard bully by exiting the premises. That won’t work in cyberspace, however.  Facebook posts, texts, and tweets reach victims at home, at school, or in the community. 

Victims have nowhere to hide unless they disconnect themselves from technology altogether, causing a sense of isolation. The anonymous nature can make cyberbullies send more hateful, harmful, and hurtful messages.  Young people with mental illness may be vulnerable to this type of abuse. Parents or guardians of these kids need to have regular talks with their child or children about online activity. Remember to share with your education lawyers in Seattle about any messages received.

Kids and Parents Can Restore Safety Together

What should a parent do? You cannot make your child bully-proof, but here are some suggestions:

  • Remind a child or children not to open emails or accept instant messages from an unknown sender
  • Take a picture of the email or message to save as evidence—especially if the message is threatening. This will help authorities with their investigation.
  • Block all communication with the cyberbully.  Delete email messages but don’t read them. Share your concerns about the bullying with Washington education attorneys, so they can put an end to the bullying.
  • Don’t reply to any disturbing or bullying message.
  • If you are a young person receiving a concerning message, tell an authority figure immediately if a threatening message shows up.
  • Educate your family about Internet safety and how to deal with cyberbullying.

Make A Plan Together

  • When parents learn their child is a victim of cyberbullying, their anger causes them to seek justice for their child by informing the police or confronting the bully’s parents.  But kids often resist parental efforts for fear of retaliation. 
  • Parents should collect the facts by discussing the situation with their children, working out a plan together, and agreeing on the outcome.  The plan should also include steps they will take if the bullying continues—i.e., calling the school, police, Internet service provider, or the professionals at Albert Law PLLC.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

Albert Law is a team of professionals who work on behalf of those who need support and advocacy, so you can trust Albert Law to come to your aid.

If you are inside Seattle or the outskirts, contact the Washington education lawyers at Albert Law PLLC to make sure your child gets the education he or she deserves without bullying, whether on school property or through cyberspace.