Were you a victim of age discrimination at work? We will fight for your rights.

June 18, 2021
age discrimination at work

Age discrimination, also referred to as ageism, is the unfavorable treatment of an employee or applicant based on their age. Older employers, primarily those aged 40 and above, are more likely to face age discrimination at the workplace. That’s why the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects people who are 40 and older from employment discrimination based on their age. If you find yourself facing age discrimination at work, you should hire Employment Attorneys in Seattle, Washington, to fight for your rights.

Instances of Discrimination at Work

You may be a victim of age discrimination in many ways. Usually, most employers are careful not to show age discrimination to their workers blatantly, but they still do it subtly. Companies will often cover up age discrimination by using ageist phrases and clever wording. For instance, when describing the ideal candidate in a job ad, employers may use phrases such as fresh blood, energetic and flexible, digital native, or recent college graduate. These are some of the insidious age discrimination instances that an employee attorney in Seattle will help you fight.

Other examples of age discrimination in the workplace that Seattle Washington Employment Lawyers will take on include:

  • When employers refuse to hire you because they wanted a younger-looking individual for the role.
  • When employers fire older workers and replace them with younger employees, who are paid less —this practice doesn’t qualify as a cost-cutting strategy.
  • If, during a lay-off, the employer fires older workers and keeps younger employees.
  • When an employer bypasses a senior employee for promotion and prioritizes a youthful worker because they need someone more energetic or flexible.
  • If an apprenticeship program or a training workshop at the workplace secludes older employees simply because of their age.
  • If when terminating an older employee, the employer makes age-based remarks or cites the employee’s age as a factor influencing the dismissal.
  • When an employee is mistreated after filing charges of age discrimination against the employer.
  • When older workers are denied the chance to participate in the employer’s benefit plans because of their age.

How Seattle Washington Employment Attorneys Will Help You Fight Age Discrimination at Work

When you’re facing age discrimination at work, there are two ways you can use to solve the issue. First, you may negotiate with your employer through the company’s grievance systems. If this doesn’t work, you may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC will investigate and determine if your claim has merit and try conciliation. If conciliation fails, the EEOC may decide to take legal action on your behalf. However, the EEOC is rarely involved in litigation, which is why you need Employment Lawyers in Seattle Washington, on your side.

Within 60 days after filing your claim with the EEOC, you are free to engage a Seattle Employment Lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against your employer. Employee attorney Seattle will help you make a strong case against your employer. If the Employment Attorneys in Seattle Washington help make the claim successful in court, you’ll be entitled to some or all of the following benefits.

  • Compensation for the dues denied when you were not working.
  • Getting hired for the job, earning the promotion, or getting reinstated to the job.
  • Your employer is mandated to eliminate the discriminative policies.
  • A refund for the court costs and the attorney’s fees.

Age discrimination lawsuits are complex, which is why you need an experienced employment attorney from a top firm like Albert Law PLLC. You should not face age discrimination at work in silence because Seattle Washington Employment Attorneys will fight tooth and nail for your rights.