Tips to Drive Safely This Winter

December 18, 2020
winter driving

Washington State is known for its bitterly cold winters. With so many people on the roads, driving to one place or another, it’s only natural that the area has its fair share of accidents. Unfortunately, many of these collisions can be avoided with the right precautions. If you drive in Washington during the wintertime, it’s essential to know how to drive safely so that everyone on the road can stay safe. Here are some tips you can use. 

Know What Makes Winter Driving Dangerous 

In Washington, there is something that stands out as different from many other states: black ice. There may be patches of black ice, which are always difficult to see, on the roads. Once you hit one, you can easily lose control of your vehicle and get into a crash. As a result, it’s important to be extra careful when navigating the roads very early in the morning and late at night. These are the times when the temperatures are lowest and there’s a greater risk of encountering black ice. 

There is often heavy rainfall and high winds during the winter in Washington. Depending on your area within the state, you may also experience snow. However, whether there’s heavy rain or snow, you can drive more safely by lowering your speed and using your headlights. Always give plenty of space between the vehicle ahead of you and the one behind you and be especially alert. 

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Always Winterize Your Vehicle 

It’s up to you to be fully prepared when a winter storm is slated to arrive and you have to drive. Winterizing your car is absolutely essential. You should take the following steps to do just that: 

  • Ensure your vehicle is in good condition: Your car should get regular maintenance and oil changes. You should also check your tire pressure and rotate them when necessary. A mechanic should always inspect your vehicle before you take a trip during the winter.
  • Pack supplies: Having certain supplies on hand, including your smartphone and charger, blankets, food and water, first aid supplies, a flashlight, ice scraper, jumping cables and chains, is recommended. 
  • Fill your gas tank: Your gas tank should be full before a storm. It should never be less than half a tank while driving in snow. 
  • Replace wipers: Check your windshield wipers and replace them if necessary. 
  • Test the chains: Always practice applying the chains before you absolutely need them off-road and in snow. 
  • Check the traffic and weather: You can be ahead of the game when you check the weather and traffic reports before hitting the road. It can help you know how to plan your route as well.
  • Clear snow and ice: Remove snow and ice from your hood to prevent a potential visual problem while driving. 

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Being Safe on the Road 

Regardless of the exact weather conditions, you should do your part to stay safe and keep everyone else safe when you hit the roads during the winter. Here are a few tips for driving in Washington winters: 

  • Give extra time: Give yourself extra time when you know you’ll be driving in heavy rain or snow. 
  • Cut distractions: Reducing or eliminating distractions lowers your risk of an accident. Put your phone away and focus on the road. 
  • Be courteous: In addition to using your headlights and giving extra space, allow other vehicles to pass you and always use your signals. 
  • Know your limits: Knowing your limits is important. In some cases, you may benefit from not driving at all. In those situations, cancel or postpone your trip or use public transportation instead. 

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