Nursing Home Abuse: Signs to Look For

November 20, 2020

Family members who believe their family member is senile often overlook their abuse. However, there are various signs to watch for, such as bedsores, STDs, extreme behavioral shifts, malnourishment to determine whether or not your loved one is facing abuse.

Abuse in nursing homes can take many forms. The following are some of the most common and severe nursing home abuse and neglect cases handled by law firms:

Physical Verbal Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the most common and severe types of nursing home abuse. An elderly resident can be kicked, beaten, or slapped in this manner. Broken bones, fractures, and internal injuries are all possible outcomes of physical violence.

Residents are often yelled at or physically taunted by nursing home workers. They can also choose to disregard residents who ridicule fellow residents. Nursing home abuse lawyers in Seattle WA will investigate the physical, emotional, and psychological damage caused by the nursing home.

Sexual Assault

Nursing home residents are raped and sexually assaulted more often than is known. Residents are often sexually assaulted by staff members. In other cases, nursing homes fail to perform background checks, allowing violent sexual offenders to remain in the facility and sexually abuse other patients. When this occurs, the family must pursue aggressive legal action against the nursing home.

Psychological Abuse

Staff members teasing or ridiculing residents is an example of psychological harassment. Psychological abuse causes emotional severe damage and pain, and a Seattle WA Nursing Home Neglect Attorney will be the family’s advocate for justice.

Exploitation of Finances

Nursing homes sometimes overcharge or charge twice for services. They can also bill for services not offered and even a real from a client directly.  A Seattle WA nursing home neglect lawyer will assist you in taking a stand and demanding the justice you require if your loved one has been the victim of financial abuse at a nursing home.

Poor Grooming

Unfortunately, certain nursing homes struggle to perform these duties daily. As a result of poor hygiene, your loved one can get infections, bedsores, decaying teeth, and other health issues. When this occurs, a Seattle elder care attorney will advocate for your family’s right to justice.

Malnourishment & Dehydration

Several nursing homes aim to save money by serving unhealthy food to patients or not feeding them at all. When this occurs, your loved one is at risk of losing weight, developing organ failure, and developing other significant health issues. 

Dehydration can lead to a variety of health issues ranging from organ failure to seizures and heat stroke. In every case, a Seattle nursing home abuse attorney will hold them accountable.

Mistakes in Medication

In nursing homes, medication mistakes may have severe and life-threatening effects. Nursing homes sometimes administer the incorrect drug to their patients. They can even give them the wrong dose or fail to give them their prescription at all. A Seattle elder care attorney at Albert Law PLLC will review your allegation and fight for your family’s interests.

Food Contamination 

Expired food, tainted meat, and decayed food may cause serious health issues, such as infections, extreme diarrhea, and long-term health issues. Nursing home abuse attorneys in Seattle WA, at Albert Law PLLC, will seek the justice you deserve if your loved one has been hospitalized or has suffered severe health issues due to tainted food.

Failure to Keep Track of Patients

When residents in nursing are not closely monitored, they can develop serious health problems that are not detected or handled promptly. Albert Law PLLC will hold them promptly responsible for its conduct, or lack thereof when this occurs. As a result, we’d like to speak with you and your loved one promptly. We will be your ally in the fight for justice.