Can My Child’s School Disclose Their Education Records?

March 12, 2021

The Seattle Washington Education Attorneys at Albert Law PLLC can help if you feel there has been an infringement of your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is a federal law that protects the privacy of student academic records. Student...

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If my child suffers a brain injury from football, can I sue?

February 12, 2021

You hope that it would never happen to where your child suffers a debilitating brain injury from playing football. Over 3.5 million children suffer sports-related injuries each year, and many of these injuries require medical attention. Football has a reputation for...

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How Is COVID-19 Affecting Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

January 29, 2021

The phased reopening of the country’s operations meant that people could resume work following strict COVID-19 safety rules. However, with statistics showing older people are more likely to contract the virus, most employers’ concern for their employees may lead to age...

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The Most Common Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries

January 15, 2021

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, the effects are always devastating to them and their family. Along with the sudden change in physical limitations, there are also long hospital stays and extended rehabilitation periods, all of which lead to huge medical bills...

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Tips to Drive Safely This Winter

December 18, 2020

Washington State is known for its bitterly cold winters. With so many people on the roads, driving to one place or another, it’s only natural that the area has its fair share of accidents. Unfortunately, many of these collisions can be avoided with the right precautions....

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Wrongful Death Case

December 11, 2020

The loss of a loved one as a result of another's careless or negligent conduct is heartbreaking and often life-changing. If the deceased was your family's sole breadwinner, you might face substantial financial difficulties.  You should contact a wrongful death Seattle...

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Nursing Home Abuse: Signs to Look For

November 20, 2020

Family members who believe their family member is senile often overlook their abuse. However, there are various signs to watch for, such as bedsores, STDs, extreme behavioral shifts, malnourishment to determine whether or not your loved one is facing abuse. Abuse in nursing...

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What is considered a Catastrophic Injury after a Car Accident?

October 23, 2020

What Defines Catastrophic Injury? Some injuries, although painful and significant, are less severe than others. A catastrophic injury is one with serious, life-altering, and long-term consequences. Typically a catastrophic injury will require surgical treatment. This is...

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