Legal Malpractice – Unanimous Jury Verdict

November 17, 2021

Schireman v. Williams – Legal Malpractice
Unanimous Jury Verdict for $211,658, plus $54,324 interest

After a 3 ½ -year battle, the Estate of Loren Schireman finally obtained a unanimous jury verdict in Schireman v. Williams. The legal malpractice lawyers at Albert Law PLLC represented the Estate to obtain this win in Seattle, Washington.

When Loren Schireman died, he bequeathed all his personal property to his disabled children instead of his wealthy second wife. The children allege that their lawyer, a now-retired Snohomish County attorney, committed legal malpractice by failing to adequately respond to a “TEDRA” (Trust and Estates Dispute Resolution Act) petition, resulting in $211,658 of their inheritance going to the millionaire widow instead of the children. The Defendants’ insurance company was so confident that the defendant would win the legal malpractice case, it made no settlement offers.

The parties went to trial on November 1, 2021 for what they expected to be a 5-day trial. After 15 calendar days, the parties lost two jurors, forcing Albert Law PLLC to agree to a unanimous verdict of 10 jurors instead of the usual 10 out of 12. After nine hours of deliberations, the jury rendered a unanimous verdict for the Schireman children on November 16, 2021.