Examples of Age Discrimination

June 04, 2021
age discrimination

Age discrimination has become widespread in many workplaces. Although it is more prevalent during the recruiting process, it may also manifest itself in workplace harassment for employees requiring investigation by an employee attorney Seattle.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) refers to local municipalities, the federal government, employment agencies, businesses employing more than 20 people, and labor unions employing more than 25 people. 

Members of the military, private contractors, and others elected to public positions are not covered by the ADEA.

Examples of Age Discrimination

While it is normal for work advertisements to claim that an employer is looking for a recent college graduate for a specific role, this statement raises concerns about ADEA enforcement. 

Businesses that make explicit requests for graduation dates and birthdays could also be breaking the rule. 

As for job benefits, the ADEA explicitly notes that employers spend as much on older employees as they do on younger ones.

If you believe you’ve been discriminated against in one of the above circumstances, you should seek legal advice from Seattle Washington employment lawyers. 

Historically, some employers have gotten around the legal framework by implementing training programs with specific age restrictions; however, the ADEA prohibits this form of discrimination.

Unless you work as an airline pilot or in another industry where certain retirement age is mandated by law, the employer cannot dictate when you must retire. 

Is the ADEA Going to Protect me?

While it can be challenging to unearth vital details in these situations, accomplished Seattle Washington employment attorneys will generally assure you that such incidents are rarely isolated. 

When an entire department of mostly older employees has been laid off, the organization in question is likely to have a history of using layoffs to justify ending the staff’s jobs over 40. 

They could also use the same strategy in a few months. The sooner you begin working with employment attorneys in Seattle Washington, the more easily trends in an organization will be identified and evaluated.

Many people are also unaware that if you can show that your age was a deciding factor in your being passed over for a promotion, you could be covered by the ADEA. 

Younger bosses may display favoritism toward new or younger workers because they think older subordinates would question their authority or even try to take their jobs. 

If a boss has made repeated remarks about your age, and other workers have led you to believe that this was a factor in the decisions made, it’s time to investigate whether you have a case for age discrimination.

Age Discrimination Statistics?

Although the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was passed over 50 years ago, age discrimination continues to be a problem in many workplaces. 

With an aging workforce —20 percent of American workers are 55 or older—employees are becoming increasingly aware of these developments. 

Over 90% of the adults who claim to have experienced age discrimination say the issue is pervasive. With a 2009 Supreme Court decision-making proving age discrimination much more complex, it’s easy to see why so many people seek employment lawyers in Seattle Washington, who’ve handled similar cases in the past.

May I Hire a Lawyer for Age Discrimination?

Employees facing age discrimination have choices in these more enlightened days. Talking to a Seattle employment lawyer specializing in these types of cases is one way to determine whether or not you have a strong argument.

Many employers nowadays are adept at masking their age discrimination. Some, though, are not. You should save any emails or voicemail messages that detail workplace discrimination. 

You should consult with an Albert Law PLLC employee attorney Seattle today, as you may find that your employer—or former employer—would instead settle a valid age discrimination lawsuit with you than take it to court.