Did an organization fail to protect your child from a sexual predator? We will protect your rights!

September 18, 2020
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Children are precious and innocent and they deserve protection. If your child has been sexually abused, it is right for you to seek justice on their behalf. Unfortunately, the process is not as simple and straightforward as it should be. Many of the organizations that are supposed to care for children fail to do so. When they do, a Seattle WA Sex Abuse Lawyer can help you hold them accountable.

When Institutions Fail

There are also legal institutions that are supposed to investigate acts of child sex abuse and give justice to victims. They also let families down. Here are a few of the institutions that do not always live up to their purpose:

1. Family Courts

This part of the judicial system is composed of judges and court personnel who do not have sufficient training in the identification and prevention of sexual abuse. They tend to be indifferent to allegations of sexual abuse because they are unfamiliar with how it manifests in children. Despite numerous scholarly studies which indicate the rarity of false allegations, judges tend to be skeptical of such claims. They often take advice from mental health professionals with whom they have personal relationships. Indeed, some judges receive assessments exclusively from those mental health professionals who contribute to their campaign.

2. Child Protective Services

Children are not safe in the hands of Child Protective Services. This may seem odd given the express mission of the agency. The fundamental flaw in the CPS system is that the agency is allowed to control criminal investigations into child sex abuse cases and get to determine when or if to remove a child from a home. The main problem with this arrangement is that CPS caseworkers do not have law enforcement training and experience. They do not know how to discern and evaluate evidence of a crime.

Strategies for Protecting Kids from Predators

When it comes down to it, you are the only one who can protect your child. Here are a few pointers to help you do so effectively:

1. Put child’s safety above all else

If you know or suspect that someone has done something inappropriate with a child, you should report them. You should never allow the status or position of the suspected predator to put you off this task. It is better to be safe now than sorry later.

2. Know who your kids are with and what they are doing

Anyone can be a child sex abuser. You should not trust someone because of their title or respectability or because they are part of a reputable organization. Some of the biggest child sex abuse scandals of the last few decades have involved organizations that form the bedrock in many communities. You should always know what your children are doing when they are with others. And if you get even a hint that things are not what they should be, then you should investigate further.

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3. Listen to your child

If your child has been told to keep a secret that involves another adult, you should be suspicious. If they cryptically inform you that they were asked to keep such a secret, it may be their way of telling you that they have been abused. You should also listen for stories of “special” games and other behavior that may be questionable or inappropriate.

Getting Justice for Your Child

Organizations that have children in their care are responsible for protecting them. Whether it is a church, school, or civic organization, they should adequately screen the people who have direct dealing with children. If you entrusted your child to an organization that put them into the care of a sexual predator, you can hold them accountable for negligence with the help of a sex abuse lawyer in Seattle WA.

A Seattle WA sex abuse attorney can get justice for your family. Albert Law is a sex abuse attorney in Seattle WA who will protect the rights and interests of your child.