Are you a victim of medical malpractice? How we can help you today.

February 12, 2021
medical malpractice

Over time, more people have realized the importance of legal medical malpractice Seattle, no matter how minor the problem at hand may seem to be.

Many people mistakenly assume that only the most complicated cases necessitate the assistance of Seattle malpractice lawyers.

They’ve learned, however, that what appears to be easy and straightforward can quickly become technical, particularly when the other party has a legal team on their side.

More people are getting a malpractice lawyer Seattle for health-related problems, also known as medical malpractice, particularly in cases involving erbs palsy.

Is It Difficult To Sue A Hospital?

You could be eligible to sue a hospital if you receive improper treatment, staff make mistakes, or a loved one dies while in their care.

Even if medical personnel made a mistake, the hospital is still responsible for its personnel and training.

If, on the other hand, the doctor who caused the accident is an independent contractor of the hospital (as many are) and his or her actions are the main cause of the injury, you will not be able to sue the hospital.

Taking Legal Action Against A Hospital For The Following Reasons:

  • Incorrect diagnosis or treatment by health professionals
  • The prescription you were given was wrong.
  • Errors made by health-care technologists (unsanitary equipment, etc.)
  • Surgical errors (a surgical item left inside the patient.)
  • Didn’t follow the “duty of treatment.”
  • The acts of a reckless healthcare professional
  • Medical personnel acting in a risky or negligent manner (reuse of needles and other disposables equipment or needles, wet floors, etc.)
  • An error resulted in the death of a family member.
  • Discrimination is a concept that has been used to characterize a variety of situations (personnel refusal to treat you because of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)

You usually have two to six years to file a negligence claim against a hospital. Find out from a legal malpractice Seattle if you’re within the limitation period.

Criteria For Medical Malpractice Claim

A Breach of the Standard of Care 

The statute recognizes that such medical requirements are accepted by profession as appropriate medical treatment by fairly conscientious health care practitioners in like or similar circumstances. This is what is referred to as the quality of treatment. 

A patient has the right to trust that healthcare providers will follow these guidelines while providing care. If it is found that the quality of treatment was not met, negligence could be proven.

Negligence resulted in an accident

It is not enough for a medical malpractice lawsuit to be legitimate if a health care provider broke the quality of care. 

The patient must also show that they had an accident that would not have happened if negligence had not occurred.  

There would be no case if negligence did not cause an injury.

The Injury Led to Extensive Damages

In order for a lawsuit to be viable, the patient must be able to demonstrate that a considerable amount of money was lost as a result of an accident caused by medical malpractice. 

The cost of defending the lawsuit will be bigger than the potential recovery if the losses are minor. 

With the help of Seattle medical malpractice lawyers at Albert Law PLLC, a patient can prove that the accident resulted in the loss of earnings, extraordinary agony, distress, disability, deprivation, or substantial past and future medical expenses to make a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Obtaining a Board Certified Medical Malpractice Attorney 

If you recognize that you or a loved one might have been a medical malpractice victim leading to serious injury, you should consult an Albert Law PLLC medical malpractice lawyer Seattle. We have extensive knowledge and experience addressing these matters and will fight for you or your family member’s justice.