5 Steps to Take After you are involved in a Car Accident

August 07, 2020

A car accident will never be a desirable situation for anyone, but these misfortunes do happen, and you have to know how to react. That is why below, you will see a compilation of tips that you can follow in case you are unlucky enough to be involved in an event of this type. You are always going to need one of the best Seattle car accident lawyers to help with your case.

Health First: Medical Care

Sure, most of us remember that question in the driving test about what to do in the event of an accident, and it is a very clear answer: seek urgent medical attention. Nothing is more important than people’s health and in this case, it is no exception. Whether it is you, a family member or a person in another vehicle who has been injured, the essential thing is to ensure that the victim receives immediate attention. If you do not have any physical injuries, you should still seek medical care because sometimes, you might receive a whiplash, which does not show up right away. Most car accident lawyers Seattle will tell you to take care of your health first.

Phone Numbers to Call

These are the emergency numbers to call in order of importance:

  1. The Police – call 911 and the police will arrive on the scene of the accident
  2. The Ambulance – Usually, the police will ask if you want an ambulance or if there are obvious injuries, the police will call the ambulance
  3. The Fire Department – the Fire Department is also summoned, if there are multiple injuries or the scene needs more medical help
  4. An Attorney – you need one of the most experienced Seattle car crash lawyers to provide legal representation when you claim for personal injury, loss, and damages
  5. Your Insurance Company – you have to file an auto accident claim with your insurance claim, at least 24 hours after the accident

Photograph The Scene

If the accident has not had serious consequences, and you are in a position to move, the first moments after the event are crucial so you have to calm down and use your judgment to act. You should photograph everything. Today, most of us carry a cell phone with a camera, so we advise you to record the following:

  • The license plate of the vehicles involved
  • The condition of the cars by the bodywork (even the undamaged one
  • The driver’s license of the other subject
  • The place where the accident occurred
  • Tire mark on the asphalt, if any are left

This advice is essential in any occurrence of this type since many accidents end up before a judge to find out who was responsible, and who should pay the costs of the damages incurred. In this instance, it is very important to have proof of what really happened. Thus, it is important to have the facts of the incident (which greatly speeds up the tedious judicial process).

Check Condition of Vehicle

After having photographed the entire place, it is necessary to move the vehicles, not only for their own safety but also for the other drivers. Once this is done, it is essential to check the car’s conditions to determine if it is safe to drive, or it will be necessary to call the tow truck. In the case of being able to use it, and you are not totally injured, you should go immediately to the police station to leave the aforementioned record.  However, your Seattle car collision law firm would probably advise you to call the police to the scene of the accident. This is a vital procedure for any related future procedure since it will show your commitment to record the details of the claim.

Get a Witness

On the other hand, and as surely you already know, in accidents, many onlookers gather to look. This is why, and in line with the first advice, you should get the data from someone who has seen what happened because in a judicial dispute, you may need a witness to tell what was seen. Any of the Seattle car crash attorneys will recommend that you get as much evidence as possible.

How A Lawyer Can Help

Finally, the last tip to keep in mind is to get as much information as possible about the other person. Do not only ask for the name and telephone but also get an email address and a physical address. With these suggestions, you should be able to get through the process smoothly, especially, if you take the advice on hiring one of the best car crash attorneys Seattle such as Albert Law PLLC. You will receive help in filing your legal claim and guidance in gathering documents and evidence to strengthen your case.